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  • Jimmy Nguyen, MD

    Jimmy Nguyen, MD

    I’m a Neurologist dabbling in Data Science.

  • Argumentative Penguin

    Argumentative Penguin

    Playwright. Screenwriter. Penguin. Fan of rationalism and polite discourse. Find me causing chaos in the comments. Contact: argumentativepenguin@outlook.com

  • Kasey Mallette

    Kasey Mallette

  • Kaydee Chum

    Kaydee Chum

  • Basebone


    We are the an OTT service provider in Africa and the Middle East! Check out our all-in-one media streaming platform baseplay.co

  • Lars Nielsen

    Lars Nielsen

    Making AI available to everyone. One commit at a time. A.I. M.L| | Quantitative programming | IoT | Python | Arduino | Comp Vision | contact@pythoslabs.com

  • Keith Bloemer

    Keith Bloemer

    Engineer, Software developer, Musician, Family man

  • Julia Nikulski

    Julia Nikulski

    At the intersection of data science & sustainability | Editorial associate at Towards Data Science | https://github.com/julianikulski

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